All about your blog! Eat, Sleep, Drink, Own it!

Hell yeah, you should be all about your business.  It’s yours!

Building an empire, starting a business is work.

Hard work.

Consistent work.

Disciplined work.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t a job, it’s a life style.  Hands down grind.  Find the time.  Make the time to put in the work.  It’s the small things that you need to do every day in the beginning.  Nobody ever said it was easy.  You will learn.  You will plan, set goals.  There will be disappointments.  You’ll get discouraged and frustrated.  That’s life.  Anything worth having takes time.

Be about your business.  Waiting in line, think about what you want as your outcome, picture it.  The more you visualize it and think of the outcome, the more ideas will flow, one by one, so keep that notebook handy or that phone to type in a quick note!

Don’t forget to have fun!  This is your life!  Create your happiness.  Be your happy!

Eat, Sleep, Drink, Own it.  It’s yours.

If you are a solo entrepreneur you will be doing a lot of the tedious things in the beginning your self.  Installing Plug Ins, Google Analytics, writing disclosure statements, researching affiliate programs.  Understanding and incorporating the legal side of owning your own business.  These are the fundamental elements needed in any business.

Learn it.  Understand it and put it in place.

When you feel like you are overwhelmed with this new found blogosphere.  When you are reaching an information overload, slow down.  Don’t stop, just switch gears.

When I need a break, but still want to build and make moves, I head over to  A very fun and addictive site where you can design logos, business cards, banners, twitter headers and posts for all of your social media.  They have tons of layouts, shapes, elements and fonts that you can use for free.  You also have the option to upload your own images.


Depending on the subject of your business, your blog, it’s nice to have visuals, especially for the social media aspect.  Create and label a new folder on your computer drive specifically for your blog.  I recommend organizing folders within that folder.  I have folders for Instagram, Twitter, Email Headers, People, Nature, Hands, Desktops, etc…  There are several sites you have to pay to use their photo stock, but also tons of other sites offering free photos.

I tend to use: This is a site with photos designed for women entrepreneurs. If you sign up for their email list, you will receive some very feminine sexy photos!

Many of these photos are from photographers trying to get exposure and often downloading their images comes with a credit badge.  Pay it forward and support the artists whose images you use.  When you pick and choose photos, images, colors, try and stick with a consistent look to match your brand.  It looks professional and organized.

This is challenging for me because I love colors, patterns, nature scenes and anything urban and trying to narrow it down is hard.


Of course, you will need an abundance of content.  But not only, quality content.

Brainstorming or Brain Dumping is important for creatives.  Sometimes if you have a mental block, or you’re stuck go back on some of your past work to pull some inspiration.  Read your material out loud.  Any thought, idea that pops into your head, jot it down.  Don’t be afraid to redo and edit.  It can always be better.


Plan your Monday, Sunday night.  Write down what you want to accomplish.  It’s great to dream, but creating goals is what will bring those dreams to reality.  Your reality.  I wrote down what I wanted to accomplish every month.  For example, for the month of August I wanted to create an email series.  So every day I added to my email series.  I had no idea what I was doing!  But I had an idea and went with it.  The internet is our world bitches!  Pinterest, youtube, google.  There are no excuses.

You are not going to want to do everything all the time.  But guess what.  Just do it.  Plan the shit out of it, and execute it.  Kill it, literally.

Have your blog on your mind all day, all night, sleep, drink, eat your blog!

I’m a big believer in visual affirmations.  Let’s call it “focused daydreaming”.  We need to take time to see the outcome of what it is we are working for.  What is the end result?  Where do we want to be in the next year, the next 5 years?  What avenues will your business fork into?  Nothing is impossible, but visualize realistic goals.  See the micro goals and see how it will lead to those macro goals!

Visualize the life you are creating one day at a time.  Know that you deserve the life you are creating.  Believe in yourself, your dreams and feel it.  After all this is your reality.  Do this every chance you get to where it becomes a habit.

When you change your beliefs, when you shift your paradigm, the way in which you see things, your confidence will increase.  You will know that what you are doing is leading you to the life you want and deserve.  Changing your mindset takes time like anything else, but if you’re waiting in line, getting your nails done, the WiFi is down, your pencils need sharpening, use that time to be about your business!

Use that time to visualize.

Be yourself, keep your voice.  There are an infinite amount of blogs out there, but there is only one you. 

It’s cool to use other blogs as inspiration, but don’t let it deflect from what you like, what you love, what makes you, you.

Don’t be afraid of being true to who you are.

Show them what drives you, what deflates you.  There is someone that is looking for your words at that moment in time.  They are just waiting for you, so come on with the come on!  Show us what you workin’ with.

Don’t just talk about it, be about it.





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