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How to make time to accomplish your dreams and goals

March 18, 2017

In all my research about writing blogs, becoming a blogger, most posts mention the need to write an ABOUT ME post, which I really haven’t delved into yet for my blog, (after all it is day 2).  Well, the reason I bring the about me thang up is because of the time issue.  I don’t have the time.  Oh, only if I have more time.

How do I make time to accomplish my dreams and goals?

I work full time, which I’m sure you gathered from my first title of going from a 9-5 to a full time at home blogger.  I commute every morning about 40-60 minutes to my office job in property management. Paper pushing,  proofreading and editing leases, management drudgery, listening to tenants complaining and resolving issues all day only to commute home in the same amount of traffic and time.

Once I get home, it’s homework, chit chat about everyone’s day, dinner, a little play time, story time and bedtime(for my 5 year old son).  Like most mothers, most working parents, after a full day, you find yourself in bed and asleep by 9:30, if not earlier.

So…uhhhmmmm when do I have time for myself and my new career move?  How do I make time to accomplish my dreams and goals?


In the beginning, I set 2 hours aside every night after my son was asleep in bed to dedicate to my coding. Two hours ended up to be a whole lot more, and I would be crawling into bed at 2AM, and out of bed at 6:30, okay, 7:10(I think that equals hitting the snooze button 3-4 times).

This quickly burned me out.  So then I did it every other day, a few days out of the week, only on the weekends, Saturdays, until I wasn’t doing it at all.

And there I was again folks, back in the seat of stress, anxiety, unhappiness, resentment, daydreaming without a focus.  I had to reel myself back in.  Taking an hour or two a day to write, to code would not make me a bad wife, nor a neglectful mom.  I am a very active mom and a doting wife, so I would make up for it, and when you get to the nitty of the gritty of it.  I’m doing this so that I have more freedom to spend time with my family.

Last night some family and friends came over for drinks and laughs.  It was a late night and when my body clock woke me up Saturday morning at 7:00 AM, I turned back over to go to sleep.  My son woke me up by stretching out my arm so that he could lay down on me at 9:00AM.  And you know what I thought about when I saw that clock on the cable box?!

I should have got my ass out of bed at 7:00 AM to write.  Regret.

I thought about it, but sleep, laziness got the better of me and I succumbed to the sweet feel of my tempurpedic mattress.  Dread like anything else can become a habit.  Laziness and the fear of not accomplishing my goals set in and I procrastinated.

If I really want this.  If I really want to change my career, hell…my LIFE!  I need to start doing things different.

What do they say?  If you keep doing the same thing, you’ll get the same result?  So do something different to make a different result?!  Doing something different for me, because I am NOT, I repeat NOT a morning person, is to wake up early, get out of bed early and JUST DO IT!!!


How do we make time to accomplish our dreams and goals?

  •   Committing and actually starting.  Whether you write in Google docs, notes on your phone, voice memos while you drive, or the ‘ol reliable pen and paper(I hope you said that with a pirate accent), just start.  “Less talky mo doey!”
  •   Making time to accomplish your dreams and goals doesn’t make you selfish or neglectful.  It builds confidence, enables you to create the life you aspire to live.  Self care is not selfish!
  •   Creating good habits.  Getting in the habit of writing every day,  creating, building, even if it is a mere quote, a sketch on a napkin, an idea or a quick photo inspo!  Discipline and Consistency.  It’s a no brainer.  “If I really want this, which I do, Lawwwwd knows that I do!  I will write every night after my son is asleep and my husband is happy, for 2 hours.  I can go to bed a little later to accomplish my dream.”

Two things that may help:

  1. Plan ahead.  Plan your Tuesday on Monday.  Write down what it is you want to accomplish that day and when you will do it.  Picture waking up, your daily to dos, routines and you will find the time to make something happen that you really want to happen.  Not only do you want to happen, but that you believe can and will happen.
  1. Take a few moments, whether it is 3 minutes or 15 minutes.  Take a few minutes to just be still.  Breathe in and out, focus on your breath sitting straight and relaxed and let your thoughts play out.  Don’t try and control them, focus on your breath.  It’s in these still moments that ideas, a playback of something that happened or was said may play back in your mind and a spark is ignited.  Take a little time to reflect.

How do you make time to accomplish my dreams and goals?

Writing something down and committing to it.  Make the time to fulfill your dreams.

I want to help others achieve freedom, gain more time and live a happy, successful life.  As I learn, as I commit, I will take notes and pass them on to you.  That’s part of being successful, isn’t it?  Sharing your knowledge?  So many successful people have published books on how they got successful, now we blog!

How do you find the time to accomplish your goals and dreams?  What are some techniques that work for you or maybe something that you read that you would like to share in the comments below!?

Cheers to making the time, so that you can have more time.  Not feeling guilty and creating a newer, happier you!



  1. Cindy :-)

    ‘Not a morning person’ is a wall to break down. The quiet, nobody’s up and needing you yet time is perfect for gathering thoughts, taking notes and feeling that you’ve gotten accomplished something before the day has officially begun. I love the idea of starting with 10 minutes.

    1. marisa

      Breaking down the walls…great title.

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