I hate my job but can’t afford to quit

How many people do you know like what they do everyday?

If you are one of those fortunate people that enjoys getting to the office Monday morning, congratulations!  This is for the less fortunate.  The ones that post is it Friday yet on Sunday night!

Do you feel anxious on Sunday thinking about trudging to work on Monday?  Or do you run to the bathroom to do the happy dance when your boss is on vacation or call out sick?

I started on this journey of becoming a full time blogger and entering the world of entrepreneurship because I became sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Bearing the brunt of other’s habits of disrespect, anger, poor management and narcissistic personalities.  As if there was a sign on my forehead that read “Loser, Handle like shit”.

Before my current position, I worked at a small property management firm.  Living check to check wasn’t something I could admit to, I was barely making it to my next pay check.  So, after two and a half years I started the job search and landed a better paying job rather quickly.  And what was even quicker was the realization that I made a huge mistake.

Day One

Yes, you read that right.  My realization came on the first day of my new job after my new boss fired the young woman, who was training me, let’s call her Sue.  Sue was in our boss’s office talking, and out she ran minutes later.  Crying, tears running down her reddened face.  Following her came my new boss, with matching red face, huffing and puffing, craning her head towards me like Linda Blair in The Exorcist and me wide eyed and confused.  What happened was vague, until the next day when Sue didn’t show up to work.

My first day spoke volumes of what was to come.

In the months that followed she berated me over not knowing policies, which she never bothered to tell me.   Unaware of  procedures, which were not in Sue’s notes, which by the way I was instructed to read anytime I had a question.

Her controlling, manipulative, vague managerial ways oozed poor management, no communication skills, toxicity to the 10th power, pettiness pumped up on steroids and so much anger and rage to say the least.

Mistakes that were made were broadcasted.  She held onto errors like a football and ran with them.  She ignored me, acted as if I wasn’t even in the room, looking right past me if I asked her a question.  And I was expected not to say anything?!

The reality of it all

For months I internalized a lot of what I was feeling.  Getting up in the morning, knowing that I had to go to work and deal with this woman gave me anxiety.  I was stuck at a job that I hated, trapped because of necessity.

My migraines were consistent and prolonged, indigestion, mood swings and depression, all because I was ‘just dealing’ with my situation.

I’m a realist, and in keeping it real, a lot of wine and pot smoking helps, but then you wake up and you’re back to reality.  A difficult situation with difficult people.  We know no job is perfect.  The grass is never greener on the other side, the grass is greener where you water it. 

Trying to be positive when you are stressed and in the thick of the circumstances can be hard, but not impossible.  I ended up quitting this job after I found another one, but if I had the tools that I have now, my outcome may have been different.

You may have to have a difficult conversation.  If you can schedule a meeting with whomever it is you’re having a problem with at your place of employment, do so.  Instead of sitting down in their office or conference room stand while you speak or maybe you can walk with the person so it is more casual.

Be clear, direct and have a solution to bring to the table.  Try not to stay on one topic for too long, the conversation shouldn’t be too drawn out or full of emotion, and be honest.  If you feel yourself getting angry or upset try an exercise where you picture you and the person shaking hands.  But if a vision of you slapping the bizness out of them pops up instead, kindly ask them to revisit the conversation at another time.

Fear of the unknown

We’re afraid of leaving a cushy job even though it is a stressful one because we don’t want to take a risk.  You wouldn’t be reading this on your iphone if someone didn’t take a risk!

“Take the first step in faith.  You don’t have to see the whole staircase.  Just take the first step.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Mental health is vital and no job should make us miserable.  If there is a possibility of talking and working out the problems, then by all means do so!  The situation always seems bigger while you’re in the middle of it, know that the outcome the universe has in store for you is greater.

Use your current job to finance your goals.

How much money will you need in order to pay your bills for several months?

If you want to take a certification course or start your own business, how much money will that cost?

Set a date.  The universe doesn’t recognize someday.

If you hate your job but can’t afford to quit, start making decisions that will cause a change.  A ripple in the pond.  If you do one thing different every day, be consistent and things will start to change for you.  You have to believe that you are worthy of respect.  You have to know you are worth more than any position in any company can pay you.  We all have something worthy, a treasure within ourselves.

I can’t say this enough.  Write it down!  Write down what it is you want.  Be specific.

See it.  Visualize and Believe it!  Put your faith in yourself.  Trust your gut, your intuition is yelling at you and you are ignoring it.

Be still and listen to it.  You are smarter, more powerful than you give yourself credit for.

Take back your power.  You’ve allowed someone, something to steal your joy, take it back!

Do you need help in taking back your power?












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