Know your audience and share with them

Know your audience and share with them

Bitch Please

I was recently having a conversation with a colleague of mine and we were doing a bit of complaining about our job and the company.  He mentioned being better off working for a corporation versus a mom and pop company.

“I don’t want to work for any one, I want to be my own boss.” I declared.

He lowered his head, shook it and said, that’s hard work and takes a long time.

It was like a black lightning cloud appeared over his head with those words it scurried over my way cartoon speed.

It was like he sucked his teeth and muttered

Bitch Please.

What I wanted to do, was cock my head at him and say, you don’t think I know it’s hard starting your own business mutha fucka?!!

Know your audience and share with them.

Instead.  I politely agreed, said anything is possible, and sat down at my desk.

Know your audience.

I really had no reason getting pissed off at his negative, doubt spewing comment.  He had no idea that he was talking to an entrepreneurial blogger on a road for success and freedom.

And he doesn’t need to know.

Just as online, when we blog, we’re writing for a certain audience, a particular person and not everyone is part of that online audience.

Keep your plans, dreams and goals under lock and key, they are not meant for everyone.  It doesn’t mean that you stop socializing, conversing or chatting with certain people.

Know your audience and share with them.  These are the followers, subscribers, clients, customers, the people you are reaching out to change their lives.  Who do we want to help transform their lives by something we thought, read, created and share?  We want to share our dreams and the goals we’ve set to accomplish those dreams, but not everyone will be supportive.

To share or not to share

I sent an email to 20 + bloggers and social media influencers asking three questions, and only one blogger wrote back.  Her answer to one of my questions…

Who was the least supportive in your life when you talked about your blog?  Be honest.

Her answer. . .

They wouldn’t be in my life if they didn’t support me. 

I read her reply over and over.  It saddened me and I felt a tinge of jealousy.  When I shared with my husband, my mother, my brother and my cousin, not one of them said one supportive word.  With judgement in their tones they all wanted to know how I was going to make money.   When I explained the many ways to monetize a blog, their lack of knowledge and understanding shined through and their lack of desire to understand cut the air and I became silent.  When I shared with my best friends, they were and are 100% behind me.  You know why?  They are my target audience.  They gravitated towards my idea and knew I could do it.

Choose who you share your blog with.  Not everyone will be supportive, understand or have a positive reaction.  Would it be nice if my family and husband shared my enthusiasm when I talk about my blog?  Of course it would!  But my excitement and faith is enough.  With elevation comes isolation.

As a blogger, you are your own business.   Having your own blog, your own business is not a job, it’s a lifestyle.

Your business

Your blog is your business, simply put, keep it your business.

Know who you are writing for and share with them.  It’s a process, but if you stay disciplined and consistent, anything is possible!!

Are you having trouble figuring out who your audience will be?  Who are you?  What do you hope to achieve from sharing your ideas and thoughts?  Still having difficulty narrowing in on your target audience.  View other blogs with a similar idea, concept and check out the comments.  Read what the readers are saying, can you identify with their feedback?   A lot of times it’s a like minded person such as yourself.  Someone who searched for something and in that search found something that resonated with them.  What was that one thing that resonated with you?  Why?

When you write.  Create.  Share.  Talk out loud.  Ask yourself questions, read testimonials, dig deep and you will find who your audience is and they will appreciate your voice.

In fact they’re waiting for you to reveal yourself.

So know yourself, know your audience and share with them!



My round up questions are below.  Feel free to share in the comments and let’s keep this dialogue going.

1.) When you first started out blogging what was your first goal you set for yourself?

2.) What was your first priority when you started your blog?

3.) Who was the least supportive in your life when you talked about your blog? Be honest.




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