Starting your blog while you work a 9-5

Starting your blog while you work a 9-5

“Uhhh…is it 5:00 yet?”

“When is the next day we have off?”

“Hump Day!”

“Is it Friday yet?”

Familiar sounds coming from coworkers as we pass one another in the copy room or as we wait online to make a cup of coffee.

This is not the way I want to live my life.  Living for the weekend or celebrating a three day weekend as if I just won $500 from a scratch off ticket.

We find ourselves complaining every day.  Making excuses for the situation we’re in.

“If only I went to college and got that degree.”

“I should’ve. . . could’ve. . . didn’t.”

It’s when you wake up one day and decide that you don’t want to feel like that anymore, or ever again.

So…you change.



Saying you want to start a business, a blog and making that decision and committing to it, requires just that, CHANGE.

The change comes from within, changing your mindset.

I did a lot of thinking, dreaming, goal writing, but wasn’t making any progress.  None of my goals were being met.  I had goals and a plan, but wasn’t executing.  Working 9-5, being a mother and a wife, I had no time.  When I did have time, I was beat down and tired!

It hit me when I was in one of my “focused daydreaming” sessions.  My visual affirmations always entailed me at my laptop with my mug in the morning when it was still dark out.  I looked through my goals for my self, under

Be the person you want to be now…


Wake up early.

And that’s just what the fuck I did!  I knew what I needed to do the whole time, I just wasn’t doing it.  I have NEVER EVER EVER been a morning person.  But I knew that in order to be successful, I would need to stop doing what it was I was used to doing and make some changes.  When I created a new habit, and woke up at 5:30 to write, I got shit done.

We keep doing the same things wanting a change in our life, but nothing changes.  We can’t achieve our goals and dreams doing the same things that we’ve always done.  Change is needed for growth.

If you stay in the comfort of your circumstances, the idea of “this is just me”, “I’ve always done it this way”, “this is who I am”, then you will never be a better you.  The better you living the life you so desire and deserve.

What is it that you need to change?


We tend to live in the comfort of our ways because it feels so good, even though we continue to complain.  Getting that bi-weekly paycheck will fund your dreams, but will not build your wealth.

We’re afraid of stepping outside that comfort zone for the fear of failure.  So what if you fail?  It means that you tried something new.  Guess what, you can get right back up and keep moving.  Don’t stir in the difficult circumstances, the bumps in the road.  Steer around them and focus on what you want your outcome to be.  Look at that finish line.  Keep moving, don’t stop.

The overwhelming and doubtful things can contaminate your mind.  You think about your past, about money and time.  Insurance.  Family.  Life.  Fear is that little part of you that actually believes you can pull it off.  And that you don’t want to destroy “it”.  Exercise your faith muscle.  Believe in yourself.  You’ve come through more in your life.  Use your chaotic past, your failed past to fuel your future.

Do you know that when you fear death, your fear of dying is your fear that the world will never know who you are.  That you will never get to do all that it is you want to do.  So just do it.  Now.  You had an idea, now take action.

What are you afraid of?


Making the decision to start your own business, entering the world of entrepreneurship is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle.  I talk about that more here.  Finding the time to build your business, your blog while working a 9-5 is challenging, but not impossible.

Review your weekly and monthly goals and use the time you do have to learn more about the subject that your goal revolves around.  Chances are you have to commute to work everyday.  Use that time to listen to an audio book or if you can read a book or watch a video.  Instead of your normal lunch routine take a walk, or sit by yourself and participate in a webinar, never stop learning.  Then in the time you’ve devoted to your business, reflect and record.

In the process of elevation, be prepared to be in isolation.

I’m sure you have shared your ideas and dreams with others and have heard some unsupportive and harsh words.  That’s okay.  It’s not for everyone to understand.  This is your dream, your vision.  Stay focused and driven.  Changing your mindset is part of being an entrepreneur.   When you feel discouraged read about empowering woman and men, their biographies, books they have written.  You will see everyone has a journey, it’s how we stay empowered on that journey that keeps us going.

Know that no job should make you miserable.  I quit my 9-5 to work a 9-3 because I was miserable.  Depressed.  Anxious.  The plan may need to be modified but the goal remains.

What are some of the challenges you’re facing or faced on your journey of building your business or blog while working a 9-5 job?







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