So you want to be your own boss?

So you want to be your own boss?

You want to be your own boss?  Be it.

What is a boss?  A boss is defined as a person who employs, a person that makes decisions, exercises authority, dominates, etc.  A chief, master of or over... If I don't have employers am I still a...
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All about your blog! Eat, Sleep, Drink, Own it!

Hell yeah, you should be all about your business.  It’s yours!

Building an empire, starting a business is work.

Hard work.

Consistent work.

Disciplined work.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t a job, it’s a life style.  Hands down grind.  Find the time.  Make the time to put in the work.  It’s the small things that you need to do every day in the beginning.  Nobody ever said it was easy.  You will learn.  You will plan, set goals.  There will be disappointments.  You’ll get discouraged and frustrated.  That’s life.  Anything worth having takes time.

Be about your business.  Waiting in line, think about what you want as your outcome, picture it.  The more you visualize it and think of the outcome, the more ideas will flow, one by one, so keep that notebook handy or that phone to type in a quick note!

Don’t forget to have fun!  This is your life!  Create your happiness.  Be your happy!

Eat, Sleep, Drink, Own it.  It’s yours. Continue reading “All about your blog! Eat, Sleep, Drink, Own it!”