The day I started my journey

The day I started my journey. When do you start your journey?

The only way to make a change, to start on a journey is to take that first step.

The day I took action, did something different, March 17, 2017.  The day I started my journey.  The day I decided to put my fingers to the keyboard and start.  Seriously start my journey to become a full time blogger.

It was when I got sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I knew I needed to take control of my life! I was tired of waiting for someone to see my potential, my gift, my talent.  I already knew what I was made of and I was tired of waiting for others to see.  I wasn’t going to wait on nobody to give me the life I knew I deserved and wanted.

It took me a lot of years, but I finally got it.  March 17, 2017, The day I started my journey.


Nothing gave me any satisfaction, no relief.

Years of sending out tons of resumes.  Hundreds of interviews.  Position after position.  Leaving one job because I disliked it to go to another job that I eventually detested.  Each company possessing its own set of inter office drama.  Jobs lacking in money, challenges and growth.

Nothing I did gave me any satisfaction.  It was like I was looking for something that I couldn’t find.

I fell into quite a funk.  I believed I was stuck doing a nine to five because I wasn’t smart enough and did not have enough experience.  When we’re in the muck of it, it’s hard to see our way out of it.   We all deal with trials and tribulations throughout life, but we make it through.

What am I supposed to do?  I don’t have a degree.  I’m not smart enough. . . When the kids go to college, then I’ll. . .I’m not. . . STOP.

Seriously, just stop it.  You are talking yourself out of your own greatness.  You’re saying what you don’t know, what you are not.  Well, guess what?  Those jobs are not meant for you!  Stop trying to fit into a box.

What skills do you already have that you’re passionate about?  What can you create that will lead you to the life that you want?  Why are you the one people call, whether it is a friend or family member? How can you use that to support yourself and your family financially?

Find out what it is you want to do and create your own opportunity.  Because you know what?

You are enough.


It finally hit me.  In order for me to build the life I want, I would be responsible for creating my own position in life.  Being unemployed.  Trying anything and everything to make a lot of money and be happy.  That chaotic past is just that.  It is your past.

Don’t let desperation blind you.

I was so stressed, so desperate just to leave my job, get out of dodge and was grabbing at straws. I was desperate for a quick solution, when in fact there is no quick solution.  You need to find the right map to travel down, and when you do, honey.  It takes hard work.  Discipline.  Consistency.

I am all about improvement and being BETTER.  Never stop learning.  Be better.  When you search and can’t find what it is that you love doing, be still and meditate on it.  Then you better ‘Twerk It!“!  Trial and error comes with the territory, don’t beat yourself up.  Perfection is not the goal, living a life on your terms is the goal.

  1. Figure out what’s important to you. Respect.  Time, having more time to spend with my family, taking care of my home.  A 9-5 doesn’t give me that.  Working for someone doesn’t afford me this luxury.
  2. Finding your passion is underrated…find your passions!  How can I pick one passion, when I have so many?  We look at the idea of a life calling as one and done.  Absolutely not.  As you are growing, you will evolve, and more life assignments will be handed to you, just like in a company.  You get familiar with your duties and Mr. CEO gives you more responsibilities, but no pay.  Now you are the CEO!  Give yourself permission to get what you want!
  3. Totally commit. With this commitment, comes the patience and self-determination to know, your 9-5 will suffice, but you will sustain and prosper.  Make the best of your current situation.  Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do.  But also know that no job should make you miserable.

We all have that moment of when we just can’t take it any more.  Failures.  Mistakes, bad decisions.  We’re human.  It’s how we react to that moment, that failure, that mistake, that bad decision that will define your future from that moment on.  Don’t let it pull you down, let it fuel you to get up and make a change!  Press the reset button over and over until you get it right.

Join me on my journey.  We’ll share our challenges and thoughts.  Obstacles, all the questions that arise.  The self doubt.  The feelings and decisions.  Let me share my journey, encourage, coach you to make a transition, a much needed change from the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Zero in on what you know and do it!  Make today your day that you start on your journey.


My journey going from a 9-5 full time blogger.

Please share with me what it is that you know and when you started or plan to start your journey down below!


  1. Cindy :-)

    Cheering wildly and, ya know, a little choked up with love for you and so much pride seeing you step out.

    1. marisa

      Thank you Cindy! I love you too! Check back to see my progress!

  2. Con

    YOU GO BABYDOLL! Words can’t express how proud of you I am! You’re taking a chance and for that ALONE you are to be commended! I love you bunches! Keep your head up and keep going!

    1. marisa

      Thank you! You will catch the blogging bug!

    2. marisa

      Thanks Con! Come along on this fantastic voyage!

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