What’s the most important thing to do in order to start your own blog? START.


Stop comparing.

Many of the blogs I’ve been reading, the established successful ones, where the sites are seamlessly gorgeous.  Gold and pink encrusted paperclips are sprinkled ever so carefully amidst a mint colored stapler and a purple luciteclipboard adorn the background.  A pink MacBook with well manicured nails are in mid air getting ready to type a blog post that will be shared one million times within 2.2 minutes.

A pug figurine and white pineapple with black polka dots glimmer somewhere on the page.  You know what I’m talking about.

The sites speed is lightning and they have tons of shares, likes and amazing looking photos of themselves looking ever so confident, happy and well…living the good life.

I read, I admire and then I cry.  Just a little bit. 

Okay, I may use a bit of profanity.  One or two “F” bombs and a few ‘bee yatches’ may come out of the corner of my mouth, only because she is where I want to be.  She is a blogger.  A full-time blogger making a shit load of money writing and inspiring, educating, sharing and motivating.

Former marketing executive turned professional blogger.

Financial analyst who makes six figures a month!!!

They earned degrees, have great connections and I’m thinking how in the hell do I stack up?

I’ve had different career paths, held several different jobs and I may have enough credits to say I have an associate degree.

And I want to start my own business?  Blog and make money?

What the fuck was I thinking!? 

I’ve been working for years, 30 or more years.  From a teenager to present.  Working for others.  Trained, taught, mentored, instructed, berated, fired, laid off, plagiarized, manipulated, disrespected, passed over, spoken down to, ignored, scoffed at, screamed at, doors slammed in my face, papers shoved at me, papers thrown into my inbox, sabotaged and ridiculed and I’m still experiencing the bullshit.

Thinking back on all the jobs I’ve held, what my roles were, the what the fuck was I thinking turned into…

I know what the fuck I was thinking…I can’t do it anymore and I won’t do it anymore.

I don’t need a degree in marketing or project management.  I know customer service, client retention, project management, time management, marketing, advertising, sales and I bet you do too!

Who hasn’t waited tables, tended bar, dabbled in telemarketing, tried their hand at Avon, Mary Kay???

Working as an administrative assistant, account payable/receivables, debt collector?

Real estate agent, human resources, a clerk on a trading floor?

A full-time mom managing a home, a husband’s schedule and the kids schedule, whether its’ feeding time, vaccinations, soccer, African ballet or bagpipe lessons(that’s for you Logan ).

All of these positions, all of these jobs you have had to take in the past to hustle a check, pay your rent, car note, buy food, they all equate to business skills.

Business skills that are used to run, oh pray tell I’ll say it…yeah, a business…YOUR business, your blog, your very own blog filled with gold pineapples on turquoise colored notepads near a pair of tortoise framed glasses, and you don’t even wear glasses!!!


Imagine that!

Customer service.

Dealing with difficult people, playing gate-keeper so your manager doesn’t have to deal with the irate ass clown on the line, calling someone back even though they left a seething message cursing your company’s policy and still encouraging them to sign a contract where they will renew for one more year at a substantially higher rent.

Networking, client retention, Project management/time management.

Multi-tasking, meeting deadlines, coming in early, working through your lunch, organizing happy hour, baby showers, birthdays, scheduling business trips, conferences, trade shows, yard sales, bake sales.  Do you see where I’m going with this?

You did it for others.

Now do it for yourself.

Real life experience versus a degree, you’ve paid your dues and graduated from the school of hard knocks.  College may have been too expensive, you may have fallen through the cracks with your parents making too much to qualify for financial aid or your grades were just okay not to receive any scholarships.  Or maybe you got married and started a family young.

Whatever it is, it doesn’t make you less of a person where you don’t deserve success.



These full-time, highly influential bloggers started something and they worked at it.

It took them a year or two, but now look where they are all because they started.

When you get hired, you look for potential in growth, monetarily and in position.  They didn’t hire you as entry level and immediately put you into a managerial position.  It takes time.

The company you work for.  It started because someone just did it, they started the ball rolling and they did it.

They had an idea, a skill, a product, a service, a talent and they started.  And now you are working for them, fulfilling their plan, making them richer, making their life better.

I bet you they have gold paperclips and a matching stapler that’s probably engraved with their company logo!  Shit…you probably ordered it for them!

Becoming an entrepreneur is hard.  Especially when you work full-time, you’re a full-time mom and/or wife and making time to turn your dreams into a reality.  I speak from experience because that is what I’m going through.

The blogosphere is a very large overwhelming world and I want to make this journey as stress free as possible, because life dishes enough out at us as it is.  I’ll do the research, give you the tools, the resources, the inspiration you need to put you on the path to become an established blogger.  It will take time, but in the end it will be your time.

All you have to do is just start.

Start writing about yourself, share your story.

Write every day.

Trial and error.

Read out loud what you’ve written.

Find your voice and own it, don’t be shy.

Read other inspiring stories, know that you’re not alone.

When in doubt, come back home, I’m right there in your favorites!

Recently a co-worker of mine shared something amazing about her mother in-law.  Her mother in-law works as a medical biller for an optometrist and also does office work.  The doctor just hired a new office manager who was introduced to take over everything in the office.  The first day the newly hired office manager takes a piece of the mother in-law’s shirt sleeve in between her index finger and thumb, looks her up and down and asks

“Is this what you wear to the office?”

“I don’t deal with the patients, I’m always in the back, so what I wear doesn’t matter.”

“Any question or concern you have will go directly to me, you won’t need to concern yourself with the doctor anymore.”

After 15 years the doctor couldn’t sit down and give her the respect to inform of his recent hiring decision and in which direction he was taking the office.  So she resigned, applied for her TIN number and set up a small business account at her bank.  She now does medical billing for hire.

Her first client.

Her newly former boss, the optometrist.

The newly hired younger office manager, fired.

She didn’t know how to do the payroll.

Sometimes it may take a risk.

It will take change, but that risk, that change is needed to start.





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