You are what you believe

You are what you believe

I recently watched the movie Split, about a man with 23 personalities who kidnaps three teenage girls.

It is believed that some who have these personality disorders can manifest unique physical attributes for each personality. 

One of his personas is a woman, in which when he is this woman, he appears to have breasts. 

Proof of the potential of the brain.

Unlocking the potential of the brain

You are what you believe.  Let’s break that down.

When I’m happy I say good morning to everyone.  I buy the homeless guy a coffee and a bagel and act as a doorman at every closed door I come across.

When we’re happy, our face shows it, eyes bright and wide eyed, cheeks a glow.  Our swag is just so.

You carry yourself differently, your posture is different, you believe you are happy.

But as soon as that emotion changes.  Whether it’s an emotion of sadness or anger.

I barely make eye contact and speak, only those I have to, and even then it’s in a different tone, carrying a different energy.

Our face changes, our forehead lowers, our posture shrinks, carrying ourselves differently, our physical attributes manifest!

Your energy changes.


Why not take the belief that “you are what you believe” and build a better you.

You are what you believe

It’s the belief in myself, my power that I know I deserve success in my business, love, respect and financial freedom.

I believe my time is a valuable commodity.

If the power lives in our brain. . . our mind, our thoughts, why not harness that energy, that power and make our life, think our life, believe our life the way we want it to be?

Seriously, what’s stopping us from waking up every morning and declaring your sincere gratitude for waking up?  Consciously making a decision to be happy.  Yeah, you had an argument with your spouse last night, your back is bothering you, you feel a migraine coming on.

I get it.

Stop making excuses as to why you can’t be who you want to be.  Stop being afraid of excellence.  Fight the fear, it’s in your mind, and you can control what you think about.

Face the fear.

You have control of your thoughts.

You are what you believe.

Everything we do and don’t do is a decision.  We have the choice, the freedom to choose what we think.

The company you work for believes that between the hours of 9-5 you work for them and add to their wealth.  Well, looky here…proof!!!

How can you become what you believe?

It takes work, hard work.  Changing our mind, our thoughts, our belief system about ourselves is challenging, but it’s possible.  If you grew up like me, physically, verbally and emotionally abused it’s hard to change an idea about yourself that you don’t even know exists in your mind.

Let me say that again.  If you don’t know what kind of underlying thoughts and beliefs you have about yourself, how can you change them?

The realization of my hidden beliefs came to me when I worked for an extremely abusive boss.  There were three people in my department, me included.  The other two, my boss and my coworker  ostracized me, gave me the silent treatment for two months, up until the my last day.  I was depressed, anxious, I was really not in a good place.  I did a lot of soul searching, reading self-improvement books, writing any chance I got and meditating.  My marriage was on the rocks for the 100th time and when your job sucks and your relationship is in turmoil, it just adds overwhelm.

I beat myself up.  It’s me, I’m a horrible person.  No one likes me.  I have no friends.  I only get 1 like on Facebook when I post something.  I’m not loved.  No one gives a shit about me.  It was the pity party of a lifetime!

I found that because of my abuse at such an early age, my belief was  that I was born to be abused.  I thought everyone is put on this planet for a purpose.  I believed I was put on this earth for people to abuse.  A real life dummy others could hit, yell at, berate, do as they please.

That was huge for me.

It was like that unknown belief was with me my whole life and I was a magnet, I attracted it.  It was so natural that at times I didn’t even know I was in an abusive situation and I accepted it.  When I made the decision not to accept it anymore, to change my belief that I am worthy of respect, love and abundance that’s when the real work began.   God didn’t intend for his children to live in suffering.  He wants his children to live happily free from depression, abuse, neglect and hunger.  It’s our God given right to be loved and to show love.

We were meant to live in love and abundance.

What stands between your belief and the outcome, is the decision to do something, taking action.

Small steps.

It takes one step on a journey of two thousand one hundred and eighteen steps, so step!

You are what you believe, so believe in your success!!! Continue to learn, keep trying, take consistent action and of course…BELIEVE.

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